Our vision

Good Reasons.

There are many good reasons why we should care for sustainability. One of the things we learned from our surftrips was, that we mind about the harsh reality many locals of our surf destinations suffer from and that the progress in environmental damage is affecting us. Our conclusion was simple: we want to do something about it. And because of  conversations with other surfers we know, luckily, we are not the only ones.

Well, for those surfers who care & mind about social and ecological issues and sustainability we created the surf & mind online platform. As we are in such lucky situations to be able to surf and travel, we can also shape our future together, at least in bits and pieces.  Options starting from choosing ecological surfgear, to sustainable accommodation, as far as doing a social/volunteering service in local Non Profit Organizations. Every contribution makes a difference, that´s why we want to inspire and motivate surfers around the world.

For everyone.

On this online platform we want to give you reasons why responsible surfing is important – for everyone. Whether we are interacting with the people living where we surf or if we are affecting the environment surrounding us, responsibility is necessary. And that´s not only because of fairness, respect and ethical reasons, but also because we want to leave our future generations – no matter in which part of the world they might live – a fair, peaceful, livable and ecological intact world.

And because of this we want to give like-minded, interested and motivated people an overview of possibilities in the world of responsible surfing and we want to inspire them with blog posts. Of course we would be very happy to read also about your experience or opinion – so please feel free to comment on our blogposts. Together we can bring more transparency into this important subject, which is connected to our passion: surfing.

Are you interested in the team behind surf & mind, than please read on here: About us & our goals.


Fotocredit: Scott Ruzzene