About us and our goals

Great, you are here!

You are interested in surf & mind and the idea of this online platform? Great, because we are happy to tell you more about us, our idea and vision!

Many years ago, somewhere in the world, at some point of our lives, it happened to us: we fell in love with surfing and were fascinated by this sport ever since. For Austrians & Germans, as we are, that’s pretty exotic. Until then we only knew how to ride boards in our snowy mountains. But the addiction for surfing had begun and since then we have tried to take every opportunity to follow our passion: holidays, long-term travels, studying and working abroad, close to the ocean.


The team behind surf & mind, that´s Helena, Vera, Lukas and Julia, four travel fond, nature loving and out of the box thinking characters. Different personalities who are not only sharing the love for surfing, but also the same way of thinking: we care for our environment, other people and future generations. All of us have traveled a lot and we bring along different stories, experiences and knowledge we can share on this platform. Helena, who brought in the whole idea, is working in the nonprofit sector, has also been a volunteer in various oportunities and has a lot of international experience (living often abroad) and intercultural competence. Vera has expertise in topics around sustainability and experience with writing, marketing and research. Both were studying a masters in ‚Global Studies‘, dedicating themselves to subjects around global inequalities and ethical & ecological perspectives. Crucial for everything is then our expert on informatics, technology and design: Lukas. However that would still not be surf & mind if there wasn´t our Instagram- & Social Media queen Julia, who is since 2020 in with all her motivation, creativity and know-how in marketing and design.

Helena, Vera, Julia und Lukas

Our goal is to create a platform, where sustainability and surfing come together. We want to provide you with information about social or ecological projects in different surf destinations, we want to share insights about sustainable accommodation offers on your surf trip, we want to show fair and ecological produced surf gear – as well as many other possibilities for “responsible surfing”.

In few words …

We want to give surfers, never mind if beginner or advanced, an overview of relevant projects related to sustainability, without them having to get lost in today’s flood of information.

And why?

There is a simple saying, we believe in: each one of us can make a difference, and together we can make a change! The only thing we might run out of is motivation. Therefore surf & mind is an online platform to inspire, motivate and bring together people to help them to live and surf more sustainable. For more details of our motivation, please continue reading our vision.

Thank you for your interest in surf & mind. If you have any questions left, or just want to let us know your ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact us at any time: hello@surfandmind.com – ware looking forward to hearing from you.

Fotocredit: Verena Vogl