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There are many good reasons why we should care for sustainability. For those surfers who care & mind about social and ecological topics, we created this online platform.
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You got some old surf equipment at home that you don’t need anymore? Then don´t leave it getting dusty in some corner but see what you could do with it..


Plasticfree ocean – how to make a change

You might have heard and read already quite a lot about “the plastic issue”. However, in this article we want to show you some options for doing something about the problem: Simple actions and many great initiatives – often from surfers for surfers. We hope to inspire you with them!


What you should know about responsible volunteering

Everything in life has a pro and a contra. And there are many things one can criticise when looking at volunteering*. Especially when volunteers go abroad to combine their short volunteer service with tourism/travelling (often referred to as “voluntourism”) there are many critical issues which can be discussed…

Surf Equipment

Sustainable sunscreen for surfers

Most surfers probably align on the following statement: sunscreen is a must when surfing. However, so far there is no mutual consent about which sunscreen should be used: A classical sunscreen with a high sun protection factor or one made out of zinc? We looked at both types from the…

Surf Equipment

How To Make Your Own Surf Wax

Did you know that you could make your own surf wax at home? Especially for warm water wax you don´t even need that much and the best: it is all eco-friendly! In this article our guest author Dom Taylor tells us what you need and how to make your own…


Big foot on a small planet: The ecological footprint of surfers

Surfers tend to have a good reputation for environmental awareness: ocean conservation projects, beach clean-ups and environmental organizations are run and supported by surfers everywhere. However Tobias C. Schultz claims that particularly surfers have a huge ecological footprint, greater than the ones of most other people! We investigated about this…

Surf Equipment

An organic wetsuit

A wetsuit without neoprene which still keeps you warm? Some of you might be skeptical. However, also natural rubber and recycled polyester do an excellent job – Let’s have a look at the french producer Soöruz and his sustainable wetsuits …