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There are many good reasons why we should care for sustainability. For those surfers who care & mind about social and ecological topics, we created this online platform.
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Africa, Surf travelling

Escape 3 Points

If you are looking for a surf destination which is not yet overcrowded with tourists, you will definitely like Ghana. We were even more happy to learn, that there do exist great sustainable projects over there. And Escape 3 Points does really have a lot to offer …

Latin America, Volunteer & Internship

Give and Surf

A nonprofit organization, which provides sustainable support for the indigenous communities of Bocas del Toro in Panama, is worth a look at. Since 2011 they have developed 40 projects and organized more than 40.000 hours of volunteering …

Oceania, Surf travelling


Fiji is a dream destination for many surfers. To get to these paradise islands in a sustainable way is not easy at all (but yes, there are people who get there sailing!). Finding a sustainable accommodation, however, is not so difficult and what we found exceeded our expectations …

Africa, Volunteer & Internship

Waves for Change

Have you ever heard of Surf Therapy? Did you know it can help to cope with stress, regulate behaviour, build healing relationships, and make positive life choices? If you are interested what Waves for Change exactly does and how you could support them, then please read on …