The Wave Project is an organisation in the UK where people come together because of surf therapy…

  • Organization & Mission

    Wave Project: surf therapy for young people with social, emotional or educational difficulties; from individual sessions to beach schools and a surf club

  • Volunteering & Internship

    Different options: e.g. surf mentoring, working at events, in an office or in a shop

  • Requirements & Costs

    Good command of English, minimum 6 weeks, be at least 14, online form; accommodation and food have to be covered by yourself

  • Surfing & Offers

    All levels, surfing has to be paid/arranged by yourself

  • Location & Infrastructure

    All over the UK and northern Ireland


The Wave Project is an award-winning charity which helps young people to overcome social, emotional or educational difficulties through surf therapy. Starting in 2010 at the coast of Cornwall the surf therapy initiative was the first one funded by a government health service. From then on, their success was measured and the evidence of positive impact on young people´s life helped to grow their surf therapy community, now located all over the UK and Northern Ireland.

The organization offers individual sessions as well as beach school courses working in partnership with school leaders and teachers. The project helps to increase student´s learning motivation, self-esteem and ability to develop positive relationships and reduce anxiety. Furthermore, the Wave Project developed a successful surf club: two of their members already won international surf medals!

(c) The Wave Project


The Wave Project is happy to count with responsible volunteers which are working in different fields:

  • Surf mentors get trained by instructors to get the young people through their surf sessions successfully (no previous surfing skills needed).
  • At festivals, movie nights, or other events, the organization always needs outgoing persons to engage with the public and raise awareness for their project, as well as collecting donations or joining other fundraising opportunities.
  • For volunteers which prefer to work in an office, or even want to do an internship, there is lots of administrative and organizational work waiting. For the ones who have photography or videography skills, they can capture the project´s surf sessions and help to spread the message.
  • Last but not least, there is another volunteering option: retailers can help out in the flagship Newquay store.


The organization is looking for responsible (hopefully long-term) volunteers who stay with them at least 6 weeks. Besides, you have to be at least 14 years old and there is an online form on their website which you have to fill in.
If you are coming from abroad, you have to pay for your own expenses, like food and accommodation, which you would also have to organize yourself.

(c) The Wave Project


As the organization is spread all over the UK and Northern Ireland, the surfing conditions obviously depend on where you go to/stay at. There are all kind of beach and reef set ups and with the Atlantic swell coming in, you will have a very good chance to find some waves every day, apart from the mid-summer season which is not so consistent. For sure there will be some other surfers/volunteers around which can help you find the best spots and gear/lessons if needed!

Probably needless to say, as the UK is not famous for its good weather: get prepared for the cold and humid climate – in winter outside temperatures can reach below 0°C; because of the gulf stream at least the sea temperature doesn´t fall that low (around 10°C); in summer the climate is more moderate. Well, you can talk about it.


There are many branches of the Wave Project: West Cornwall, East Cornwall, Cymro/South Wales, North Devon, South Devon, Isle of Wight, Dorset, Brighton, North Yorkshire, Scotland, London and Northern Ireland.

If you are coming from abroad and you want to travel sustainably, the high train prices hopefully don´t frustrate you. You could also travel around by coach (bus), but you might have some problems when carrying your surfboard.

(c) The Wave Project Locations


If you decide to rent a car or come by car, don´t forget you will have to drive on the left 😉 And you can think of some alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint (see our blog entry on Sustainable Travel).

What else? Britain is currently pulling its strings to leave the EU. Best check the current state of affairs before travelling there.


Want to know some other details about the Wave Project? Then check out their website and let us know what you think about them!!