Lombok, the neighboring island of Bali, gets more and more famous by surf travelers. However, the reason we look closer at the Surfcamp Lombok is not only because of the waves …


NEWS AUGUST 2018: The Earthquake(s) in the north of Lombok devastated the island – thousands of people are homeless, injured and many lost relatives. The South, and the area where the Surfcamp Lombok is located, fortunately has been safe so far and so the surfcamp´s Pelita Foundation decided to set up a disaster relief programme to help others where needed. Obviously this challenging work needs your support & donations – please check Pelita´s website & facebook for updates!!


Lombok is a stunningly beautiful, volcanic island that offers its visitors besides perfect surf conditions, also many other treasures: From volcano hikes to waterfalls, endless beaches, snorkeling, diving or diverse yoga offers. The small island has a very good infrastructure and is yet much less touristy than its neighbor Bali. The Surfcamp Lombok is located in the small fishing village of Gerupuk in the southeast of Lombok, close to world-class waves. If you are looking for a range of restaurants, bars or supermarkets, the village of Kuta is only a 20 minutes bike-ride away and offers you all these possibilities.

Since 2011 Lombok has an international airport, which makes it easily accessible. If you are coming from Bali, the environmentally friendly alternative is to travel by boot (speedboat or ferry). From the boat harbor or airport the easiest way is to share a taxi to Kuta or Gerupuk (about a 30 minutes drive from the airport).


The Surfcamp Lombok has rooms equipped with 4 large beds, mosquito net and fan each, double rooms are also available. Only in December and January beds can be booked like bed and breakfast (price about 9 EUR / night), the rest of the year, surf camp – packages (of one or more week/s) have to be booked. In addition to the accommodation, the package includes meals, surfing equipment, surf lessons, boat trips, yoga classes and a few other activities. For a two-week package the costs are 990, – Euro (which is 70Euro / night), for latest details on prices please visit their website. (January 2018)

(c) Oliver Sjostrom


The surf conditions on Lombok are very good all year round. Winds are less strong between September and December and February and May, which makes those months best for surfing. Rainy season is between October and April.

The surf camp offers its guests a big range of surfboards, some of them even designed and handcrafted locally on Lombok in a partly eco friendly way (Banyu shaping bay). Apart from the surf equipment, the camp offers its guests a variety of excursions (waterfall, fishing, snorkeling, etc.) and other infrastructure to enjoy your time (own skate park, football field, ocean-view terrace for relaxing).


What differentiates the Surfcamp Lombok from many other surf camps in Indonesia is its social commitment through the Pelita Foundation. With this foundation, the camp has set up its own non-profit organization which supports local children from the village through educational programs. To support the children´s formal education, the Pelita School provides afternoon classes in English, Digital Literacy & Life Skills which help them to adapt to the rapidly-changing environment and global community.

Guests of the Surfcamp can also get some time to spend with the children making music or doing yoga or other sports with them. If you are interested in this great opportunity or if you are looking for some other options to support the project, you can inform yourself about some ways to support the local community.

Furthermore the Surfcamp Lombok is highly commited to environmental protection and awareness. The Camp is build mostly from bio-degradable materials, it has a low energy consumption approach, they purchase loccaly grown and produced goods (e.g. Lombok Organic Farm) and compost and separate waste. The team not only educates their (new) staff but also the local comunity, as well as they do be-weekly beach clean-ups (with guests and kids from the Pelita Foundation) and cooperate with different organizations about environmental awareness programs.


Lombok is a muslim island and although locals are used to see tourists behaving “differently”, you should respect their culture and believes and be aware of how to dress or behave without offending them (e.g. don´t drive your bike in a bikini or drink in public excessively alcohol).

(c) Armin Zechmeister


Our blog post on the Pelita Foundation has many more details for you. And if we made you curious about the Surfcamp Lombok, please visit the camp´s website, which provides the latest information. And if you have already visited the camp, we would love to hear about your experience in our comments.